They meet | Orange County in Hospital Newborn Photographer

This sweet big brother really didn't know what to think of his new baby brother. He was hesitant, nervous and fidgety with his hands in his mouth and not wanting to even touch this tiny little baby who was his brother, his future best friend and cohort. Siblings meeting for the first time... this is what I love to capture almost more than anything else during my Fresh 48 newborn sessions. How special for me to be able to be there to photograph these moments that are, truly, once in a lifetime. 

The Force is strong with this one | Mission Viejo Newborn Photographer

This little guy's mom is a huge science fiction fan. So naturally, she had a little knitted Yoda hat, a Millennium Falcon rug and a couple of friendly droids to add to the photos. I love it when we can incorporate those fun little touches into a session.  

Dream big little one | Costa Mesa Newborn Photographer

This little babe was SO good to me. I typically like to photography my newbies within their first 5-10 days of life. Newborns are so sleepy and squishy during this time. There's something about that 10 day mark that really makes a difference in how alert they become. An alert newborn makes it tough to get those sweet little poses during our session. This little one was just under 5 weeks old! Her mamma worked hard before I got there to keep her awake and then fed her when I arrived and was setting up. And it worked. Oh man... for 3 hours, she slept the whole time! Amazing. Thank you sweet baby for making my job easy!