Client galleries. Why I aim to deliver as many images as possible.

One of the questions I hear a lot from other photographers is, “How many photos do you deliver to your clients?” The answer to this question varies, of course, depending on the length of the family sessions and each photographers own style and business plan. I can’t speak for other photographers, but for me, my goal is to deliver my clients as many real and beautiful moments that I’m able.

After every session, I get to go home, grab a glass of wine, sit down at my computer and look through all of pictures I took of your family. I quickly see that not every picture is show worthy though. Like this one.


So, as I’m sitting there at my computer looking through your photos, I delete these guys. Gone also are the unfocused ones and the mid movement images that have half blinked eyes and unflattering expressions.

What’s left? A lot of GREAT pictures that I can’t wait to share with you! The thing is too, I don’t know which ones YOU will love and which ones you won’t. Many times I have loved a photo, shared it on Facebook, Instagram and my blog… but it is not one that my client loves. This is why I deliver as many photos as I can to you. Whether it be a mini session, where you then only get to pick 5 of those images, or a full session where you get ALL of the edited digital images, my goal is the same, to give you lots of choices and variety from your session.

I want to share with you a gallery I sent a client of mine. This was a 30 minute session and we got a TON of genuine and sweet images. So many, that I just could not narrow it down and I didn’t think it was fair to.

As you look through the gallery, notice that at first glance some photos seem identical, but if you look closer you’ll see the subtle differences in each one. Different expressions, snuggles, hand holds and squeezes can turn just one “pose” into lots of variety and choices for you. How am I to know which images will you move the most?

So, how many edited images do I deliver to my clients? As many as I possibly can. :)

Is hiring a professional family photographer worth it?

Hiring a professional photographer is an expense i'm sure some think of as a luxury. I mean, with the cameras we have on our phones these days, it just seems easier and cheaper to have a friend take some pictures of you and that's that. But guys, creating beautiful and timeless family photos are something that a professional photographer has been educated and trained to do. Here are some reasons why a professional family photographer is worth the cost.


Memories that last a lifetime

Our families are constantly changing. Really, they are. Go take a look at an old picture you have of your family and tell me things haven't changed. You can't, right? Hairstyles, clothing choices, height, silly toddler personalities and moody tween pursed lips are all things a photograph can capture. They are part of your story. Not only does a picture preserve the memories of your children and who they were throughout the years, it also preserves family memories for your children. Displaying beautiful photos of your family taken by a professional photographer that knows how to bring out who you are as a family, is priceless! 


It's about time you got in the photo too

Yep. You know what I'm talking about. I'm in the same boat. My phone has hundreds of pictures of my kids, my kids with their dad, with my parents, and a few selfies with me. So there really aren't any pictures of me and my kids, which really, kind of sucks. Hiring a professional photographer lets you be in the pictures too! Your kids will want to remember that you were there making memories with them. Priceless.


Professional family photographers have experience... working with families

A friend that "has a nice camera" and takes your picture for you, may get everyone looking at the camera at the same time, sure. But what about the moments that can actually take your breath away? Do they know how to engage with your two year old that won't sit still? Do they know how to get dad to relax? Do they know how to bring out the smiles, giggles and cuddles that make for great and memorable moments that are being captured? Family photographers are pros at this, really. It's these images that are the difference between a professional photographer and a friend with a good camera. 


The best equipment and editing software

This is probably the most boring on the list, but it's true. Professional photographers invest a ton of money into their equipment and software. It really is more than just purchasing a "nice" camera and then taking pictures. With high quality cameras, lenses and equipment combined with top of the line editing software, professional photographers are able to create images that you will be proud to put up throughout your home. 


Spring in Orange County | Mission Viejo Family Photographer

Normally when I do spring mini sessions, the hills of southern Orange County are covered in wild flowers. Not this year. This year, I had a super hard time finding those beautiful flowers that are usually so perfect as backdrops for spring mini sessions. No worries though! Because truly, the subjects in my photos are the families. The love. The connection. The moments. And those are more beautiful than any flower you could find. 

Lemon squeezy | Orange County Family Photographer

It's always an awesome day when I get to photograph one my best friends and her beautiful children! And I absolutely loved this location. Lemon trees make for such a fun, sunny and beautifully natural back drop.  

Moms, it's sooooo important to get in the pictures with your kids! I know we all have insecurities, but to our children, we are beautiful and amazing Queens! They will remember the love, joy and security you give them and won't care about anything else. Trust me, in 10 years, you and your children will be so thankful to look back at your photos and remember that YOU were there too.