Client galleries. Why I aim to deliver as many images as possible.

One of the questions I hear a lot from other photographers is, “How many photos do you deliver to your clients?” The answer to this question varies, of course, depending on the length of the family sessions and each photographers own style and business plan. I can’t speak for other photographers, but for me, my goal is to deliver my clients as many real and beautiful moments that I’m able.

After every session, I get to go home, grab a glass of wine, sit down at my computer and look through all of pictures I took of your family. I quickly see that not every picture is show worthy though. Like this one.


So, as I’m sitting there at my computer looking through your photos, I delete these guys. Gone also are the unfocused ones and the mid movement images that have half blinked eyes and unflattering expressions.

What’s left? A lot of GREAT pictures that I can’t wait to share with you! The thing is too, I don’t know which ones YOU will love and which ones you won’t. Many times I have loved a photo, shared it on Facebook, Instagram and my blog… but it is not one that my client loves. This is why I deliver as many photos as I can to you. Whether it be a mini session, where you then only get to pick 5 of those images, or a full session where you get ALL of the edited digital images, my goal is the same, to give you lots of choices and variety from your session.

I want to share with you a gallery I sent a client of mine. This was a 30 minute session and we got a TON of genuine and sweet images. So many, that I just could not narrow it down and I didn’t think it was fair to.

As you look through the gallery, notice that at first glance some photos seem identical, but if you look closer you’ll see the subtle differences in each one. Different expressions, snuggles, hand holds and squeezes can turn just one “pose” into lots of variety and choices for you. How am I to know which images will you move the most?

So, how many edited images do I deliver to my clients? As many as I possibly can. :)